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Last year a group of us had the pleasure of going to the New Wine Leadership Conference (blog post here) and though it had been every two years pre-Covid, they put antoher one up this year in Harrogate and we were lucky enough to go again!

Jeorgina Soares, our Youth and Families Lead, talks about her experience, and why it’s been important for her to go twice in a row:

I felt that God was telling me to stay still.

That was the feeling I was having because last year when I went to the conference, God was telling me to share His message with the world. So I spent time streaming live across Facebook and Instagram. But this particular year, I felt He was telling me that it was actually about my personal relationship with Him and I needed to be still. It was about growing my faithfulness with God, it was about building my spiritual side with God. So I felt that sense of belonging and I felt that sense of stillness.

The worship really helped me as well, because I felt that was a moment for me to build my relationship with the Holy Spirit and I really felt the presence of God with me, right there in Harrogate. Everytime we had a worship moment, I felt that God was talking to me. So that was definitely my favourite experience throughout the conference.

The guest speakers were also great as they touched on so many topics we could relate to regarding my personaly growth and process with God, but also in my role at Church At Barking Riverside. Especially Jill Duff when she mentioend the underground army; those who have such a love for Jesus but have been pushed aside and underground by society’s pressures and ideals. But they are who we are and are working with here in Barking. Those of us who are doing His work and building disciples in our communities and they are the ones we need to keep reaching out to and working with.

So again the New Wine Leadership Conference was really overwhelming in a great way; learning, praying and worshiping. It felt really uplifting both personally and professionally, as it really made me be still and just focus on Him for three days and let Him manifest into my life and communicate with me.

It was amazing and I hope we’re able to go again when it’s next on and that some of you may be able to join us too!

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