Prayer Resources

It’s great that you want to connect with God in your day to day!

If you’re stuck for ideas as to how to connect with Him, take a look at the links below for inspiration on how to get started.

Find out more about how to connect with others & explore our Hubs and Gatherings, or check out our Calendar of events.

Lectico 360

A free daily devotional app that helps you to pray the Bible every day.

Try Praying

For those who are not religious and don’t do church.

Examen Prayer

A simple five step prayer that can be used at the end of each day.

Want to know more about Jesus?

If you want to explore Christianity, have any questions or want to deepen your connection with God, Get In Touch or explore further here.

“I don’t often spend more than half an hour in prayer at one time, but I never go more than half an hour without praying.”

Smith Wigglesworth

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