Our Purpose

Our vision is to see Barking Riverside thriving with Jesus at the heart of every person and every place

Our purpose is to create space for Jesus in our daily lives, with others and for others through:



These are intentional practices that help us create space for Jesus..

We need habits of solitude & silence, away from others to make room for God to come in and move within us. With the world as it stands currently, this time is really hard to come by, but with the business of life and human nature seemingly set to rebel against what Jesus teaches, we need that regular, disciplined space to delight in whatever is happening and we can do things that He has asked us to do. We are His disciples, learning and walking in His footsteps.

Need help with how to connect with God in this time? Check out Our Rhythm and Prayer Resources.

Then we need  habits of study and worship. We are studying Jesus the centre of it all: reading, reflecting, acting on, and experimenting. This takes in all of Scripture, plus tradition and lives of those who reflect Jesus and are further down the road to us.

Worship is the fulfilment of study of Jesus; it imprints the order of what we have learned onto our minds and lives. Worship is using all and any of our faults to give honour, love, delight to Jesus.


Hubs are our way of travelling life together with Jesus and friends.

The early church met in all kinds of places: synagogues, temple courts, house to house, rivers, prisons, lecture halls, market places etc; they met wherever people of the time usually met together. The key was they were intentional in meeting, committed to one another, and gathered around being with Jesus that overflowed in serving others. These hubs are the core place of belonging for us as church: our discipleship communities. They are where we learn, inspire and grow together. Hubs can be anywhere at anytime, but the key is that they are people committed to each other, intentionally meeting to create space for Jesus in their daily lives.

We do also gather in Celebrations with multiple hubs coming together, but these celebrations are not the core.

Find out more information about our Hubs.


This is the difference Jesus makes for others.

We ask Jesus to bring to mind particular people He has placed in our lives who He wants us to pray for, bless, and share Jesus with; a person for each finger.

We ask Him also to show us where He has placed us and given us influence, wanting us to bring His kingdom into that place; this, we write on our palms.

It’s not a law, there can be more than five people and more than one palm, but the point is: we’re asking Jesus to highlight certain people and spaces, not just making it up ourselves.

Our calling is to join in with God’s movement of being and making disciples through Him. He is bringing life to every person and every place.

Church at Barking Riverside are a DISCIPLE MAKING MOVEMENT.

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