At our staff meetings on a Tuesday, we always kick off with a prayer and then go on to talk about encouragements from the previous weeks before going into business. I know what you’re thinking, there was already a blog about encouragement recently. And you’d be right. There was, just after Easter, because we had a great couple of weeks as a church family. So then, how does this blog differ I hear you ask? Well, this is all about my personal encouragement from the last week. Indulge me this once, as… Read More

Our First Baptism Of 2023!

Jesus said, ‘…I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.’  John 10.10 Last weekend we had the pleasure of having a Sunday Celebration focused around baptism. We had two members of our church family get baptised, Joe & Hayley. We also had a family who had expressed wanting to baptise their son a few years ago, but for whatever reason, didn’t go ahead with it at the time. Then last week when they heard we were having a Baptism Celebration, not only did they want their son to be… Read More

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