What Do You Want HIM To Do For You?

‘“Go,” said Jesus, “your faith has healed you.” Immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus along the road.’ Mark 10:52 In Monday’s hub one of the things that struck me was a question Sam posed: If Mark 10:46-52 (above) was the only verse in the Bible, what would you think about God? Here Jesus is walking with His disciples with a large crowd when a beggar Bartimaeus calls out for Jesus to stop and have mercy on him. After Bartimaeus shouted out couple of times, Jesus asks that he be brought to Him. When Bartimaeus is in front… Read More

Independent Woman? Part 2

Last post I shared some of my journey in recent years of learning how to be dependent on God and unlearning my decades of trying to be an independent woman. And about how being dependent on God and others, not independent, has actually felt more free. But it also tiring not feeling in control. Right now, we are in a huge moment of seeing our dependence on God. With the global pandemic and sharp recession, the scientists, the governments, the economists, the medics, the experts, no-one knows how this will end or… Read More

Independent Woman? Part 1.

We are pretty obsessed with being independent. I grew up throwing my hands in the air to Destiny’s Child, ‘Independent Women’. We are encouraged to be independent as we grow as young people, independent of our homes, to be emotionally independent in our relationships, (co-dependency is not healthy), to be financially independent, buy and own our own stuff, and even as organisations to be financially independent is highly prized. Reliant on no-one so we can command our own destiny. This isn’t all bad. Yet in my life as a Christian I have… Read More

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