Why It’s Important To Know The Word

I have always scrutinised the Bible to a certain extent. I know I may have lost some of you right there, but hear me out… The Bible has been interpreted and translated numerous times and, in my mind, each time, there would have been an agenda that the Bible needed to uphold. Patriarchy for example; was it really Eve that took the apple and why is Mary Magdalene still seen as a prostitute or a woman shrouded in mystery? There are many questions that surround the Bible. However, one thing I know… Read More

Shaped by the Word of God

โ€œYour word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my pathโ€.ย  Psalm 119:105 Every where we go and in everything we do, we come across signs that remind us that we are in the midst of a pandemic. The C word has become our daily bread. It has invaded and affected almost every aspect of our life in such a way that it might be worth calling it CV-19 (Life Curriculum 19-20).  Despite the confinement and all the restrictions put in place due to CV-19, people have managed to… Read More