For Others

We have been talking this month about our core value of being Passionate about People. Doesn’t that sound great? It might be because I’m a raving extrovert, but I LOVE this value. And it gets better as we dig into it. Being Passionate about People starts with a deep conviction that Each One of us is uniquely made by God, incredibly valuable and beautifully made for a purpose. Then we explored how we are made for life Together – to encourage, empower, and support one another; how we only fully become who… Read More

Each One

Spoiler alert, Sam will stream this month’s vlog on Sunday@6pm, but we’re introducing it here first. This month we are looking at what it means to be Passionate about People. I think it’s fair to say that this is pretty uncontroversial, even Mr Grumpy (on a good day) would agree we love people. I love people, I’m all about the people, I want to include people, journey together, share ideas, champion each other. At least, until that starts slowing me down being able to actually get something done. So how do we… Read More

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