New Year, New Term, Same Us

As we are shaking off that summer feeling of late nights and lazy days away (or hectic ones depending on your lifestyle and preferences), getting ready to go back to work and/or school, we want to solidify the themes we left off from before the summer holidays, to help keep ourselves and each other accountable on our discipleship journey. From February to July this year, we looked at the foundation of what church looks like for us: Habits, Hubs & Hands. If you missed this, you can catch up by reading our… Read More

That Back To School Feeling…

I don’t know about you but I left school a good few years ago, but September still signifies a new beginning for me despite knowing that the beginning of the year for adults, is January! Looking back, most of the new jobs I have started have always been around September/October time, I tend to feel like I have new lease of life and I’m also more productive at work and in my personal life. Now, what is with that?! It makes sense for those who have children, as they prep to get… Read More