That Back To School Feeling…

I don’t know about you but I left school a good few years ago, but September still signifies a new beginning for me despite knowing that the beginning of the year for adults, is January! Looking back, most of the new jobs I have started have always been around September/October time, I tend to feel like I have new lease of life and I’m also more productive at work and in my personal life. Now, what is with that?! It makes sense for those who have children, as they prep to get them ready for the new school year, but what is the excuse for the rest of us (yes, I am assuming I am not alone!)?

  • Summer generally has everyone in a good mood, whether or not we’ve been able to take a holiday or have time off. The longer days, and hotter weather mean we have more time for ourselves and to relax with friends and family, even despite Covid-19
  • For many of us, it’s ingrained in us from such an early age until our late teens at least, and it only takes 21 days to cultivate a habit: old habits die hard
  • We’re getting ready to go into the next season of the year, come the last week of August shops love to bring out all the seasonal items for Halloween and even Christmas! The festive time is coming and people love to get organised ahead of this more relaxed, cosy time, so it doesn’t creep up on them
  • The Fresh Start Effect: after perhaps a less productive summer, where summer you was more preoccupied with the worries of the pandemic, the impact on our elders and the next generations’ education, even if you’ve managed to sneak a little holiday in, September is calling you to get back on track with the plans you set out earlier in the year

For many, September is almost like our 2nd chance; we had so many resolutions and goals set for the year in January, especially this year with a new decade starting, which as we all know probably went down the drain very quickly, especially this year with Covid. September gives us a second wind. This year more than any other year, is the year we should be taking full advantage of this feeling:

  • take stock of what you’d like to happen for you personally and for your family for the rest of the year
  • what would you like to accomplish, whether that be being the point person on that new project at work, finding a new job or starting that side project/training you’ve been thinking of doing for ages and haven’t got around to doing as yet
  • get fit. And I don’t just mean physically, mental and spiritual wellbeing is just as important to keep on top of, to stay happy. If you fancy going on a more spiritual journey, starting with prayer then here are some simple tips for you to consider trying
  • for those who, like me, lost their job during lockdown, head to our Job Help page to get support, advice and local openings
  • if you have had a nudge to get involved with our church or just (re)start a relationship with God, then email us or join in with us for fortnightly prayers and weekly Hub meet ups or check us out on our social platforms:

“You will eat the fruit of your labour; blessings and prosperity will be yours.”

Psalm 128:2

Whatever it is you feel is calling your attention this September, don’t ignore it, get stuck in and start that routine so you can spend the rest of the year as you mean to. You never know, it may even be kept up past New Years, so the new years resolutions can be a thing of the past! Give it a go!

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