Thriving from the inside out

Need a drink? Last week Sam was talking about how Christian thriving doesn’t start and end with good life circumstances; nice house, family, and car, but by wanting Jesus, finding our life in Him. You could say – thriving from the inside out. And that starts by being thirsty, thirsty for Jesus. Once you know your thirsty, the next thing you do is go get a drink and it’s the same here, we go to Jesus, we come to Him in prayer. This week we’re exploring how when we’ve come to Jesus,… Read More

Let’s make it personal – what about you?

On Sunday night we shared our first vision talk (you can catch up here) and now it’s time to ask: what could this mean for you? We shared how, 2 years ago, we committed to leaving our life as we knew it to move to Barking Riverside and start a new worshipping community here. The first thing we did was to spend time listening, getting to know the area and people here, and asking God: what are you doing here? What do you want to see? What came out of that time… Read More

Caring for your Heart, Body, and Mind

Ideas for how to thrive in isolation, caring for our Heart, Body and Mind, with Jesus at the center.

Living well in Lockdown

How do we live well lockdown?

Here’s the first of our thoughts on being church, living well, and loving others in this time.

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