Living well in Lockdown

In the midst of Coronavirus we want to think about how we live well. Living in lockdown for the next few week forces us not only into our own homes but also to think creatively about how we keep living and not just surviving. All our hub meetings and upcoming Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Baptisms are suspended in person, but we won’t be giving up on connecting with each other and God in other ways. We’ve already been meeting on Zoom and keeping in touch on Whatsapp, we are all going to be so techy soon!

We’ve been reflecting on what our Church values mean at the moment, this is where we’ve got to. 

  • We are Defined by Dependence on God… where our usual routines are disrupted, we need daily patterns to help us live it together and stay healthy, whether we are in lockdown at home or on the front lines in healthcare. 
  • We are Passionate about People… how can we reach out to our neighbours and work together to make sure no-one is forgotten in the midst of isolation and fear. We don’t want the most vulnerable to bear the brunt of this.
  • We are Dreamers who Dare to make a Difference… we are looking for ways to see our community thriving even in the midst of crisis, to be able to laugh and grieve loss where we need to. And come back to our hope, in Jesus, for today and tomorrow. 

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at this first one, and how we can build daily patterns that look after our heart, mind and body with Jesus at the centre, particularly whilst our normal lives are disrupted. There will be simple ideas and tools we can share to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit. 

Practically, we’re supporting local groups and the council initiative BD CAN, which is coordinating support for the real needs of all those who are vulnerable in our community. Whilst we must heed the Government advice and direction for social distancing, this isn’t a moment to withdraw from each other, it’s a time to look out for each other and connect, maybe even with neighbours we’ve not known before. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to come out of unprecedented levels of physical isolation, as a better connected community with stronger relationships than ever before. If you would like to volunteer locally go to and if you need support contact 020 8215 3000 or 

Easter isn’t cancelled, even if the Egg Hunt and Baptisms are for now! Let’s dream about the community we want to be part of and dare to make it happen with creative ways to celebrate and have fun. Comment here with ideas for how we can make fun happen – so far we have 100 chocolate bunnies, and a lot of little chicks…

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    • You’ve got some great ideas on here mate! Definitely going to use some of these 🙂 Hope you’re keeping safe and well and that the twins’ birthday is amazing despite the weirdness 🙂

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