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Sunday Celebration | Habits That Break – Silence & Solitude | 20.03.22

Anna Pollard – Sunday Celebration

Why silence & solitude are an important habit to keep on our journey as disciples to bring us closer to Him.

Sunday Celebration Talk | 06.02.22 |
Jesus At The Heart
Sunday Celebration | 20.02.22 |
Habits, Hubs & Hands
Sunday Celebration | 06.03.22 |

Matthew 5:1-7 & Hebrews 9:11-14 | Is God Pleased With You? | 31.10.2021

Sam Pollard – Sunday Service at St Cedds, Dagenham

How we answer the question; ‘is God please with you?’ changes everything…. and the answer is often way better than we think.

Exodus 17:8-13 | The Amalekites Defeated | 18.10.2021

Urbain Yombe – Monday Prayer & Worship Night

The beginning of this talk, Urbain askes what it would look like to have Jesus moving in Barking Riverside so there is a bit of discussion first, then we pause in the audio from 4:49″ for you to read Exodus 17:8 to then continue on with the talk.

John 5:19-29 | Living with Jesus | 05.10.2021

Sam Pollard – October Sunday Celebration

John 4:1-26 | Our Thirsty Saviour | 21.09.2021

Sam Pollard – Monday Worship Night
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