Our Values

We exist to see communities thriving with Jesus at the heart of every person and every place.

We believe that Father, Son and Holy Spirit are working in creation to draw us into life and love and that all we need to do is create space for Him to work and life will flow.

We Are Defined By Dependence On God

We do not rely on our own strength and effort, but intentionally shape our lives to rely on, make space for, and delight in the life and love of Jesus. Allowing Him to do what He wants through us, looking for where He is moving and allowing that to happen.

We are Passionate About People

Being in step with Jesus’ heart of love means we know we are loved, we love every person, and we realise that what Jesus wants to see happen will flow through people coming alive and free in who they are made to be. Each person is loved and has value; life is best lived together; and we exist for the benefit of others.

We are Dreamers Who Dare To Make A Difference

When we humble ourselves to depend on Jesus and align ourselves to be beloved lovers, then we can be expectant that far more is possible than we ever dreamed or imagined. We become people of hope not fear, who live lives of simple obedience and trust in Jesus. This pure trust in Him can lead to us taking seemingly crazy risks, having inspired creativity as well as delighting in the ordinary, with a new found joy.

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