Our Hubs

Sunday Hub

These are family friends spaces to connect, pray and worship together between 10am-12pm.

We have a Monthly Celebration at the Rivergate Centre on the first Sunday of every month 10am-12pm and then the following Sundays of the month are spent in each other’s homes 4pm-5.30pm connecting together and with Jesus as Family Hub (always with food, fun, and chance to be real). Check Our Calendar or Get In Touch for more details on the location of Family Hub.

Monday Hub

These spaces are more for the adults to dig a bit deeper and reflect between 8pm-9.30pm.

We have Prayer and Worship evenings on the 3rd Monday of the month at the Rivergate Centre.

Neighbour Mondays are the Monday after our monthly celebration, in neighbours homes to simply read the bible and pray together. This can be any time that suits you, can be as long or as short as you like and can be with anyone.

The other Mondays of the month are spent over zoom praying and worshiping together. Get In Touch for the Zoom details.

Hubs To Look Out For:

Youth Saturdays

Guys Thursdays

If you’re interested in a Hub just come along, check out our Calendar or Get In Touch with us to find out more.

Feel like a Hub is missing, let us know and we can start it together!

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