Habits x Emmanuel

What habit(s) do you have to feel connected with Jesus?

For Me, the most important habit that keeps me close to God is to spend the start and end of my day with him.

Once I’m awake, I would put on my headphones and listen to soaking music for an hour or so and talk to God. Say good morning, ask The holy spirit to rest on me etc. I have noticed that I feel so much lighter in the morning and it’s only when you step out of your house, you carry weight. Traffic takes forever, and conversations don’t go as planned but rather than react to the environment, you respond by letting it go. It’s when you get to the end of the day when you come back to God that he takes that weight off you and you feel great again.

It’s important that as Christians, we do not operate on earth but in the realms of the spirit because before it becomes physical, it’s spiritual so having a clear mind at the start and end of every day is better. So those are the times that try and focus on God either through prayer or Scripture.

If you fall out of the habit(s) for whatever reason how do you feel and then how do you get back to it?

Because of how delicate this method is, you can forget to spend the first hour you wake up with God. I could look at my notifications or be in a rush. It’s when you get some downtime alone, you remind yourself what you used to do. As soon as you remember, letting God know there and then makes me feel better and you just power on through and remind yourself to do it.

Were there any other habits you tried that didn’t work for you?

I’m not there yet! Still got a lot to learn but so far, this has worked out for me!

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