A New Year is coming…

What a year this has been! None of us knew what was going to be in store. And if we’re honest, we find ourselves still in the middle of this journey. The changing of one year to another is a moment to pause, reflect, and set our eyes straight for the new year ahead.

That’s why I’ve made this video to share with you. I’ve made this with each person from our fledgling church community in mind, these friends who have grown closer as we’ve walked through this year, but it can speak to others too. There are some heart-felt things I wanted to share as 2020 becomes 2021…and then I lead through a time of prayer with questions and space to reflect on the year and connect with Jesus as we get ready to walk into 2021.

Why not find a quiet space and take some time to start the year with Jesus?

This premieres at 8pm on 31st December…but watch whenever works for you.

Start the New Year with Jesus…

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