Why Do Christians Fast?

We are coming to the end of the month, one where with Stoptober, people are focusing on quitting smoking. The idea of quitting or giving something up got me thinking about the mindset Christians (and those of other faiths too) have to be in, to fast and why fasting became a thing in the first place. As a kid I was taught to give something up for Lent, I think at the time it was a challenge, one that I enjoyed succeeding in. Now, fully understanding the impact of the crucifixion and… Read More

God’s Steadfast Love

Last Sunday we read the last part of Mark in the devotional we have been reading since the start of this term. We focused on Mark 15:1-33 and when reading through, I found it quite powerful. In this part of Mark, we realise how fickle people can be; those who once broke bread with Jesus, those who shouted “Halleluiah” as He entered Jerusalem now shouted, “Crucify him!” Despite all those that did Him wrong, Jesus still allowed His crucifixion to happen to save us from our sins. Though we had let God… Read More

Is Black History Month Still Relevant Today?

October is Black History Month in the UK – a whole month dedicated to celebrating the rich history and cultures enjoyed by the Afro-Caribbean diaspora in Britain. In the UK where Black citizens are a minority, it’s important to bring to the forefront the valuable contributions of Black figures throughout history. For some, it isn’t seen as a necessity. It’s been a long time since slavery was abolished, Black people have the right to live, work and vote in this country as long as they’re citizens and there are laws that help… Read More

Vision Sunday

At our last Sunday Celebration, we had time for what we call Vision Sunday; time to talk about the vision God has given us as a church and to pray for the things we feel He has called us to work on in the coming months. The key two things we have felt Him saying to us are: If you didn’t manage to come along to our Celebration, here’s the talk Sam did that goes into more detail: So I invite you to do two things off the back of Sam’s talk:… Read More

New Team, Who This?

The start of this term has been an exciting one for us! We have almost doubled our staff team and together we have a plethora of different skills to bring to the table. This week we had a great time as a core team spending some time together to bond and strategise about how we move forward as a church, at Rainham Hall. It was great to spend some quality time together and be on the same page in terms of the heart and vision God has given us for Barking Riverside… Read More

Is That Really You God?

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:8 In our last blog, I explored Listening Prayer and mentioned that when I got through the Loren Cunningham book, I would share the insights with regards to listening to God and making sure it’s really His voice we are hearing; discerning ‘God ideas’, not just good ones. Last week was our Prayer and Fasting Week, which I thought was… Read More

A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II

Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II we wanted to add our tribute to the incredible life of service and faith that she lived. As we gave her our thanks earlier this year during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we turn our thanks to God for the gift of such a gracious monarch and pray she may rest in peace and rise in glory. So many words are being shared around the world to honour Her Majesty’s life, it seems there is nothing original left to add, yet we add our… Read More

What Is God Telling You?

“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you” James 1:5 Last week during our staff meeting, we were praying together but as part of that prayer time, Sam asked that we take 10 minutes to listen to what God was saying to us individually. Now, this is something that was new to me. Sam evidently realised this because after our prayer and worship time together he gave me a book to read; Is That Really… Read More

New Year, New Term, Same Us

As we are shaking off that summer feeling of late nights and lazy days away (or hectic ones depending on your lifestyle and preferences), getting ready to go back to work and/or school, we want to solidify the themes we left off from before the summer holidays, to help keep ourselves and each other accountable on our discipleship journey. From February to July this year, we looked at the foundation of what church looks like for us: Habits, Hubs & Hands. If you missed this, you can catch up by reading our… Read More

God Comes Where He Is Wanted

August has begun. This month we take time to push into our habit of resting, slowing down, and listening to God. At our recent vision celebration, we remembered all God has done this year and shared the sense that September will be the start of a shift in gear for us as a church family. If you’re part of, praying for, or interested in what God is doing at Barking Riverside then take time to watch that here. This last week a number of us went to the New Wine United Summer… Read More