I feel like Easter is always the best event in a church sense. I find this time of year so encouraging; the sun starts to come out (or this year it’s at least teased us), egg hunts bring the community together and as disciples, we are reminded of the promise His death and resurrection means to us.

It is a time to know we are loved, forgiven and supported.
So I find it such a time of encouragement.

Egg Hunts

Firstly, we had a weekend of Easter Egg hunts which was truly heartwarming. We did one at Little Bees Park on the 1st and though it was colder than last year, it was great to see the kids coming together with their families, playing and engaging with the egg hunt, egg and spoon races and of course we had the Easter bunny come to visit.

On the Sunday we were so overwhelmed by the number of families coming to do the hunt and join in with the half hour celebration that followed for Palm Sunday.

It was great to have new families join and enquire about who we are as church. It was also great to have families of other faiths join in, especially on the Sunday, as they got to hear the story of Easter and why it means so much to us disciples.

Father Sam as the Easter Bunny

Good Friday Prayers

We then had a lovely reflection with prayer stations at the Rievrgate on Good Friday. Though the numbers weren’t huge, we again were able to connect with new neighbours. With our Disciple Making Training, we have been praying as a church family that the Lord shows us people of peace to connect and journey with. It seems that Good Friday answered our prayers which again is another encouragement.

Easter Sunday Celebration

Lastly, we had a joint Easter morning Celebration with House Of Bread and it was great worshipping together. We did cardboard testimonies again which showed how much of a difference Jesus makes in our lives once we open our hearts to Him. A few of the testimonies are below, as well as the talk Sam did or how great our Lord is.

Here are a few of the testimonies we heard on Easter Sunday:

“I was alone and lonely, but now I am surrounded by God’s love and family”I was alone and lonely, but now I am surrounded by God’s love and family'”

“I was sick with addiction and now I’m continually being healed.”

“I was lost in the world but now I have found peace in God’s world. I’m free from condemnation.”

“I was a sinner, lost in the world and fear grieved me, I was hopeless. Now I am saved and feel I can do all through Christ who strengthens me.”

“I was jobless but now I’m blessed with a job. I give God all the glory. Amen!”

“I was empty and stagnant and not fulfilled but now I have authority in Christ. When I pray, demons tremble at the sound. I am rich and fulfilled in Christ!”

“I was angry at God. But He came back to me and now I am at peace.”

I was made redundant and felt devalued and frustrated. He found a new path that led to me being satisfied and happy

I hope you feel as encouraged as I did listening to the talk and I also hope feel inspired by the testimonies and can therefore see the transformations God has made in your life and/or the potential.

So if you’d like to take a step closer to God, find a church family to journey discipleship together or if you’d like to know more about

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