We’re Official! What a week….

Tuesday morning was a big deal.

“I commission you to work together with all God’s people, so that Christ may be made known and his kingdom established”

+Peter Hill, Bishop of Barking, to Church at Barking Riverside 18th May 2021

“Together, by God’s grace, we give ourselves to the ministry of the gospel in these communities, to work for God’s kingdom of justice and peace, and to share the message of Christ”

The people who are Church at Barking Riverside, to one another and +Peter, 18th May 2021

Two and half years ago, Anna and Sam Pollard were commissioned to start a new church community for Barking Riverside. We felt God clearly say not to go with a crowd of people from our incredible and generous sending church (All Saints Woodford Wells….thank you for everything!)….but to go with just a few and that He would lead us to local people He had prepared to be the beginning of this Church community. It was these people, drawn together though from different nations and backgrounds, who would shape what this church became and how it grew.

….cue two years of moving, praying, meeting beautiful people, growing closer through celebrations and challenges….of resisting making big plans on our own, but waiting until we could genuinely be together with those God was calling and stirring to form this new thing….

And then Tuesday.

In that room, plus some joining on Facebook live, were the people Jesus promised.

At the center of the service was a moving moment where each person able to be present stood and stated, “We are Church at Barking Riverside and, with the help of God, we want to see….” finishing that sentence with their own heart-felt words.

You can read them below….and you can watch the service here (check the description to skip to the highlights!).

Something shifted on Tuesday, there’s a gear change and we’re moving into a new season as Church. This coming Sunday we’ll meet for our first Sunday Celebration (on Pentecost no less!). Over the next few months we’re being led to start key pieces that will become our rhythm of being church….with small communities of disciples (Hubs) staying as our core place of being church, but energized by a rhythm of monthly Sunday gatherings and monthly Worship evenings. You can find out more here and hear more here.

To every person who has prayed, given, encouraged, and guided on this journey: thank you.

To every person with a desire to live with Jesus at the heart of your life and a community to walk with you: come and see.

To every person who wants to take a step closer to Jesus but has a million reasons why this could never be for them: you’re invited too.

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