A little help with the deeper things…loss, prayer, and big questions.

Beyond doubt, one of the best things to come out of these last challenging months, has been seeing people stepping up to love, care for, and help those around them. There’s a host of practical support on offer and we’ve gathered what we know of locally on our Covid-19: Community Help & Support page.

But what about the deeper things?

Especially as the months drag on, the cases increase, and more of us are experiencing the pain and fatigue of this time and this virus. Even if you personally are feeling fine, I’d be very surprised if you don’t know someone close to you who is walking through loss, anxiety or weariness. This week I want to simply share three resources that could be really helpful. Please do check them out yourself; share them with others; and let me know anything else you’ve found helpful.

Let’s be there for each, find the help that we need, and open ourselves to Jesus who is the greatest help and hope we have.


This is a national website signposting all kinds of resources, support, and help for the bereaved from counselling to funerals and practical advice. You can find information, helplines and connections to organizations supporting people in your area.

Hope Spaces – Help with prayer – A place to pray

A multimedia, interactive site for anyone who wants to try praying, the spiritually curious and anyone looking for hope. Many of us are reaching out for something more right now or simply looking for some peace, but may not know where to start. Why not start here?


Who is God? What is a Christian? Where is God in the midst of this? How do I get started? What about…..? How come…..? Whether you want to explore faith for the first time or have big questions to dig into, start here. Accessible videos, blogs, and articles from a quick read to deep exploration. This just could be the next step on your journey or someone you know.

Local to Barking Riverside? You’re really welcome to join in with one of our hubs or get in touch – we’d love to get to know you.

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