Meet your Christmas Tree!

What does Christmas mean to you?

This is an incredible time of year for hope and togetherness and joy. More than ever we need hope and we need each other….but we’re not allowed to gather…. That’s why we’ve been placing Street Christmas Trees all over Barking Riverside. These are there for us to decorate together. You can help fill them with colour and hope, to make them your own, as a way to share what you’re celebrating right now or even to mark people you’re missing. You can find out how to get involved here.

Each tree has a name. A name that has come from your neighbours. Each name has a meaning – things we are hoping for and praying for our community.

For us, as for Christians everywhere, this time of year is a celebration that God doesn’t stay distant from the mess of this world but came right into the midst of it as the baby Jesus. A baby who grew to be a man who brought people back to God, brought hope, healing, strength, and wholeness as he invited us to trust in Him. This same God is just as close today and giving the same invitation to find our hope in Him. If you want to explore that more maybe you’d like to join us for Alpha online in January (search for Barking Riverside)?

That’s what Christmas means for us, but what about you?

Whether you have a different faith or none, this can be a time of celebration and togetherness, sharing the pain of this time, and giving each other hope for moving forward.

My name is ENLIGHTENMENT – I’m at Sackett Road
My name is HOPE – I’m at Patrick Park (near Samuel Garside / Crossness Road)
My name is JOY – I’m at the Riverside Coffee Lounge
My name is DOVE – I’m at Harebell Terrace

My name is RAPHAEL – I’m at Burdock Terrace
My name is PEARL – I’m on Schooner Close

Saturday 19th December @2.30pm-5.30pm

We’ll be touring the Christmas Trees with music and festive cheer! When you hear the carols come on out to your doorsteps or balconies and join in the carol singing 🙂 You’ll be able to find the lyrics and more info here over the next few days.

Register here for free toy give-away thank to Triangoals and their generous donors.

Find your tree!

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