Together Festival

What Is Together Fest?

Through the year we want to find ways to inspire fun and celebrate our beautiful community. Even though we still live in the shadow of the pandemic, this summer we didn’t want to scrimp on fun or getting together. So we’ve made packs to help you run your own street party on a local scale with your neighbours. Find inspiration in the articles and get in touch if you want a pack!

Together Fest 2021

It’s the summer for street parties – find out how to turn your street into a party and more!

How To Throw A Great Street Party

Following on from last week’s post, we hope we’ve inspired some of you to get involved with our Together Festival in August by hosting a street party with your neighbours. If so, we have put together a few ideas to help you create a great party for everyone! From decorations to games, music and food,…

 Crossness Road Street Party Reflection

Throwing a street party for the Together Festival was a nice and challenging experience. The first time I thought about it I got very excited, especially when I shared the idea with my neighbour who also thought it was a great idea. Both of us were full of energy and good ideas for our party, but our excitement lowered when we sent out the invitation to the rest our neighbours but no one replied or seemed to show interest.

However, we were very motivated so decided to carry on, keen to meet more people and build friendships. We changed our plan and did everything ourselves and one week before the party we started to invite people personally who walked past our street.

We had a great turn out with lots of kids playing together which meant their parents came to join us eventually and we had great conversations. It was very surprising to me to find out that so many people live so close to each other and have the same feeling of loneliness but even so, they are closed in their daily life, with a fear of building friendship outside their immediate circle.

By the end of the party, everyone was thankful because they had an opportunity to meet and have good conversations with the people that have lived on the same street/area for such a long time, but have never spoken to properly.

In the end it was a positive experience and I am pretty sure that next summer we will have another party with an even better turn out, building on this years. We pray that the connections we made during the party continue to build and encourage more relationships within our immediate area.

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