Together Fest 2021

Despite the grey weather, summer is here! Lockdown restrictions are being eased and though we all need to continue being cautious, we are all for having a bit more normalcy back in our lives! Ever wanted to get together with your neighbours and throw a little party, but thought it was too much hassle to organise?

Introducing Church At Barking Riverside’s Together Festival 2021!

Building on the success of our Community Christmas Trees last year, that were dotted around Barking Riverside to bring people together in a socially distanced way, we will have street parties across August to encourage people to get out and get to know their neighbours IRL (in real life). As Covid is still prevalent, we aren’t able to have one massive festival as we would have liked, but having smaller, more intimate gatherings for people to really get to know each other and have more of a sense of community is what this is all about. We at Church at Barking Riverside will provide you with all the information and resources to throw a colourful, fun, safe street party.


1919 was the first time when street parties were organised by residents on a mass basis. The events were part of the Peace Treaty celebrations, and were formal sit down affairs mainly for the many poor and orphaned children after the war and the 1918/19 global flu epidemic. This is why street parties have until recently focused on children sitting down for a tea.

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Considering the history of street parties and how they bring communities together, especially after such difficult times, we thought it only fitting to continue the tradition here at Barking Riverside, after the difficult year and half we have all had. To make sure we all get to know each other that little bit more, everyone on each street will be able to showcase a skill, native language, food or music that they would like to share with their neighbours on the day of their party, and with the wider community through our socials.

If you would like to get involved as a street host please get in touch here or on 07493616169 and we can give you further information on the role of a host. Alternatively if you would like to showcase a skill but don’t have a street/communal area, please get in touch in the same way, and we’ll find you a street to be an honorary member of. Lastly if you have or know of any local businesses in the area please get them to contact us as we’d love to partner and support our local enterprises.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word along your street and throw a party together with your neighbours for Church At Barking Riverside’s Together Festival 2021!

In the meantime, if you have anything or anyone you would like us to pray for please get in touch here. If you’d like to find out more about us as a church, check out our socials or get in touch.

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