Jesus Time

What Does Your Jesus Time Look Like?

A few weeks ago I wrote about being a bit deflated post summer having lost touch with my habits, but roll on a couple of months and I’m in a totally different headspace. How? Rather than focusing on all the things I haven’t done, I looked at the small little things I can go day to day for my Jesus time.

Netflix & Chill

Technically an unconventional way to spend time with Jesus, but I started with The Chosen. A show that I had added to my list forever ago, but it wasn’t something hubby would necessarily want to watch, so I took advantage of travelling to Europe to download a few episodes to my phone for the plane ride, and I was immediately hooked. Of course it is entertaining, but it is also Biblically and theologically correct. I’m yet to make my way all the way through the Bible, but The Chosen is amazing in humanising all the characters, including Jesus. It’s so powerful and seeing the questions and doubts His disciples had despite seeing everything He did first hand, is also quite comforting. To then watch the Aftershow discussions, the round tables and just the fact that all seasons can be accessed for free from the app, it’s so accessible. It’s my me time during the day, it’s actually been my daily Jesus time – I’m a little bit obsessed and cannot wait for season 4!

Reading Time

I decided to take the pressure off reading the Bible and thought the first time round, just read it like I would a book. Rather than focusing on needing to study and learn, just read it as I would any other book. Milena, an influencer I follow is all about taking the time, whether its the odd couple of minutes here and there throughout the day, to just get the Bible out and read a couple of paragraphs. With littles running around, having hours dedicated to reading isn’t realistic. So appreciate the time you can spend, even if it’s a couple of minutes.

Also if you love a podcast or audio books, download the Streetlights app. It’s an audio app for the Bible, broken down into chapters, so have a listen as you do your chores, or running errands in the car.


Whenever I’m going on a longer journey, alone, which isn’t all that often, but when it does, I try and listen to my favourite album. No matter what mood I started off in when I turn the engine on, when I get to my destination my mood is always lifted or enhanced.

All of the above has made me feel a lot more balanced but also just by simply taking the pressure off and just allowing the TV show to be my Jesus time, has helped so much.

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