Making Room For a Promise

This week we are looking at the first devotional of Making Room In Advent. It talks about the parallels between ‘Zechariah waiting to have a child. Israel waiting for the Messiah. A barren couple and a barren nation.’ How often do we have to wait for what we think has been promised to us? How long will we have to wait for His second coming?

But perhaps those are the wrong questions. Perhaps the right question to ask is, what does God need me to learn and/or who does God need me to be before I am granted what has been promised?

Everything happens in God’s own time and likely for a reason only He can know and understand. Our role to play is to understand that is the case and let it be; learn the lessons He puts in front of us and grow as we need to, so we can appreciate or be better equipped for what He has in mind for us.

What can we do in times of waiting, then? We can stay present and allow God to stretch us to make room for what he is maturing inside us and our world. And we can keep watch with expectant hope for what is to come.

Painting by Bette Dickinson, Author of Making Room In Advent


How might God be maturing you as you wait for Him to answer your prayers?

Everyone has their own answer, but I now know for a fact that while I was working in corporate marketing for so long, often feeling stuck and not sure how to get out and move into more community, public sector role. He was equipping me with the skills I now have in order to make a difference in our community working for the church and with organisations like Thames Life. He knew what I needed to learn and how my brain needed to think, in order to help make a positive impact on His plans for Barking Riverside. I didn’t see it then. How can you when you’re in the trenches? But once you come out the other side, it’s funny how obvious it all is.

So hang on in there. Even if it feels like you have been forgotten, or those around you are doing so much better than you. It is not the case. You are in your own lane, being moulded and prepared for something you can’t even comprehend yet. But relax in the fact that He knows, He understands and He has your back. Always!

Breath Prayer

Inhale: Your promise will come in time.

Exhale: I can wait with hope.

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