The Importance Of The Sabbath

“Be still, and know that I am God.”

Psalm 46:10

Last week I felt a bit off. Nothing was particularly wrong, we’d had quite a busy long weekend with my husband’s birthday and Mother’s Day so maybe it was a lack of sleep. Maybe the dip in temperature and the sun going away. Whatever it was, I found myself pressing the snooze button for a half hour, rather than doing my usual workouts in the morning and falling asleep on the sofa watching a show, rather than going up and having some time with my Bible. I even missed some of my deadlines and don’t even ask me about my washing pile…

Until Friday when we had commitments I couldn’t cancel. I had to take my daughter out because she’s used to going to messy play on a Friday morning but in my ‘meh-ness’ I didn’t book in time to get a place (turned out it was fine because it ended up being cancelled due to Covid). So I took her to trampolining and she had an amazing time. Then I had my usual barre class I not only paid for in advance for times like this, but it was our last one ever, so I had to go to. Then we had our worship night and where I had been “too tired” for this week, I couldn’t cancel it even though I was shattered after barre. Then on Saturday we had to take our daughter to baby ballet and I met with some friends afterwards who helped nourish my soul. Then of course we had our daughter’s swimming class and then Sunday Celebration. Yes I loved each of these and they also helped put me in a better mood, but I was still shattered coming into this week.

Why am I telling you this? Well, originally I thought the issue had been that I hadn’t pushed on with my usual routine. That I should have taken a half hour to read the Bible or move my body and the fact that I didn’t, threw me off for the rest of the week. However, after hearing Randall’s talk on the Sabbath at our Celebration, I realised that rather than focusing on all the things I had to do and feeling guilty for not doing them, I should have let go of all of that and let myself rest without thinking of what ‘needed’ to be done and therefore without the guilt. God made the world in 6 days, but He rested on the 7th. If even He rested, why should I not allow myself the same grace? So this week, rather than hitting the spin bike hard to make up for last week, or trying to get through all the things I didn’t do last week on Monday, I chose to do some yoga, to journal and just be. It’s OK to take time and not be so regimented in it if you don’t feel like it – not every spare, waking moment, needs to be utilised in a ‘useful’ way. As Randall said; if you avoid sleep or rest, it will eventually win and you will be forced to stop. I think I was forced to stop…

Below is Randall’s talk on the importance of the Sabbath and honestly, it really was an ‘ah-hah’ moment for me, so I hope it speaks to you too:

We’ve explored the Sabbath previously, but from the point of view of John Comer and how he makes it work with his family. However Randall shared some really practical ways to see how keeping the Sabbath could work for you personally. Here’s the worksheet we went on to discuss and fill out after the talk and I think you’ll find it really helpful to help carve out time on a regular basis to take Sabbath – it might not be a whole day depending on your lifestyle or season of life, and that’s OK. But taking some proper time out, allows space for great things to happen. Why not try it?

“Sabbath’s golden rule: Cease from what is necessary. Embrace that which gives life.”

Mark Buchanan

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