Why So Blue?

Monday 17th January 2022 is Blue Monday; supposedly the most depressing day of the year thanks to being over indulgent over the christmas period (eating, drinking and probably spending too much), the gloomy weather, and this year the ongoing pandemic. However is it really Blue Monday or is it just like any other wintery Monday?

The idea of Blue Monday is a fairly recent one and was invented in 2004 by psychologist Cliff Arnall as a marketing ploy for Sky Travel, which wanted to boost business. His ‘formula’ included variables such as the length of time since Christmas, debt, monthly salary and length of time since failing a new year resolution… So just like most things, it was a way for us to spend more money to cheer ourselves up: holidays, spa days and weekends with friends. Those things are all fine, as long as we aren’t spending beyond our means for instant gratification and having things to look forward to.

But just because it was engineered for us to have this outlook, it doesn’t negate the fact that January as a whole can be quite depressing with the cold, grey days, and Mondays were never anyone’s favourite. So what can we do, other than spend loads on holidays to look forward to, than can actually make us feel better, right down to our souls?

Get Out And About

Getting out of the house and into nature, even for a quick 10 minute walk does wonders for your moods. It doesn’t matter how grey it is, the fresh air does us good and blows away the cobwebs and sadness, even if it’s only temporarily. So try and get out, go to the park, get on the swings (yes I’m a big child!), go on a coffee run with a neighbour/partner/friend. Whatever it is, use it as an excuse to get out of the house and get a change of scenery.

Eat Well

No bear with me here, as it’s not my favourite thing to hear. But, in all honesty I feel so much better when my diet is better; less junk food, less take out, less desserts. It means I don’t feel as slugish and tired, which in turn that has a positive impact on my mood. I’m not saying you can’t have that slice of cake, donut or Nutella on toast, trust me when I say, I’m joining you in all of those things. I’m just saying, maybe don’t opt for that third takeout of the week. Everything, but in moderation.

Be Kind To Yourself

As I said in our last blog, give yourself a break. Self care is so important. Maybe for you that does look like a spa day or holiday, I know for me the thought of flying to see extended family this year and see great friends get married, is what is keeping me going thus far this year. But also maybe that looks like setting some time aside to have a bath. Doing a daily skin care routine. Talking nicely to yourself in the mirror. Getting crafty in the evening when the kids are in bed. Whatever it is for you, make the time to do it.

This Too shall Pass

This is an old phrase linked back to Persian and Hebrew folklore that reminds us of how life is; know that when hard times hit, it won’t be here for long. It is an opportunity for growth and learning but there is always the end in sight. Spring will be here before we know it, daffodils, cherry blossom and sunnier days. But on the other hand, we need to appreciate the great times too, not only because life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but also to help us get through the hard times. Think back to the frivolities of Christmas and the love and fun you had with friends and family. Lean in on those around you to help you feel supported, loved and blessed.

Know The Word

As we know God is always here for us, no matter what we have done, what we’re feeling like or our financial situation. We can always find words of wisdom and hope. Below are four of my favourites to help lift your mood on Blue Monday or any other blue day you have. You can find more here:

If you’re feeling low, check out our Local Support page, or Get In Touch to have a chat and/or share prayer requests so we can support you through your difficult days.

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