Rewilding The Church Pt 3

“Don’t load yourselves up with equipment. Keep it simple: you are the equipment.”

Luke 9:3

There should be a simplicity in discipleship. However it seems it is basic human nature to unknowingly over think and complicate matters. We tend to focus on the wrong things, get distracted easily or overwhelmed by needing to know the answers, while in the middle of a process. But that isn’t how this works. We are simply called to follow Him, to join in with what He is doing and trust that no matter how we feel, He holds the world in His hands.

As we continue to carve our way in the coming weeks, we need to focus and stay true to our core values: Defined by and Dependence on God, Passionate about People and Dreamers who Dare to Make a Difference. He has put those values in our heart and through our rhythm we are finding a way to make sure we and our church community make space for Him each and every day. As Steve Aisthorpe says, being a small church community is how we are able to really practice the one another commands of scripture and even Bishop John Taylor expressed how small communities are essential for us to be a church that can respond to the Holy Spirit promptings and lead. So even as we grow in numbers, it is important for us to focus on our Hubs and small communities, to ensure we remain focused and dependant on Him and so we can all join in with what He is doing here, today.

Infographic: all the one another commands in the New Testament

From the above, it is clear and simple what churches and Christians are generally called to do: follow Him and essentially love thy brother and sister. So while it can feel like there is a lot of noise, distraction and too many things we are trying to get done, trust the process and keep your eyes focused on Him. Going back to the seeds and garden metaphor of a couple of weeks ago, seeds planted in the garden may pop up at different times and places but the whole garden will come together in the end.

The simplicity is in the heart and values. Tending to the seeds and garden as a whole can feel complicated, spinning lots of plates and nurturing the different needs of each plant or flower, but when they become established and the garden is growing, then they’ll begin to feed and multiply themselves. Keep your heart pure, your passion simple, join in with what you see God doing, take the next step He shows, and see what emerges. It’s partly that commitment to do the next step without necessarily knowing the whole plan, that can make things feel complicated right now. It’s because it hasn’t come together yet. But the simplicity of a 5 year mapped out plan is a form of controlled/false simplicity that obstructs rewilding or the Holy Spirit shaping.

God is so faithful and we pray that you know that in your life too, as you dare to let the Holy Spirit lead. Join in with our daily, weekly and monthly rhythms to help nurture your life with Jesus and find other ways to connect with God and our community on the journey on our pages.

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