Good Friday? Definitely Happy Easter!

Today we mark Good Friday, a friend pointed out to me today that it in some ways it’s a cruel name for the day, because it’s when we remember Jesus horrific crucifixion, surely not a good day. But we know it becomes a Good day because on Sunday Jesus rose from the dead, beating death. Yes! And it means that anyone can now come to God, become a child of God because Jesus sacrifice makes us perfect in God’s sight if we accept it.

Through this Holy Week, as households we have followed the journey of Jesus.

It started with Palm Sunday (28th March), when we remember Jesus entering Jerusalem, riding a donkey and being welcomed by crowds as a King. By Thursday He is celebrating the Jewish Passover Festival, having dinner with his friends and disciples. And although, celebrated as a King, He takes the lowest place at the dinner and washes their dirty feet (sandals and dusty roads – not a pleasant mix). Later that night He is betrayed by one of his closest friends, for cash, 30 pieces of silver. And we reach today, where Jesus is unfairly tried, the crowd that welcomed Him 5 days ago, now chanting for His death and a crucifixion at that alongside criminals.

By the end of the day we find Him, dead, after humiliating and public torture.

Sam recorded a reflection for the day, which you can watch and join with below, to take a pause this Good Friday.

Saturday, is a day of darkness, full of grief and confusion, no-one knew Jesus would be raised to life the next day. Jesus’ friends and disciples are in their lowest moment and it’s the Jewish Sabbath, which means they even have to pause their ritual burial practices and just stop, no work or busyness to distract them is allowed. It’s the lowest of lows.

But then Sunday. The most surprising and glorious day. I always imagine it like a bright Spring day, with full sun – surely it can’t have been anything else. After 2 days of utter gloom and darkness, the light breaks through, the heaviness lifted because death is beaten – hallelujah! Completely disorientating and captivating in equal measure. He’s alive. No-one saw this coming, is it even possible? But yes, it is, our Saviour lives. And 2000 years, we’re still celebrating!

We might feel like we spend too much time living in the Friday and Saturday of that week, particularly this past year, and we can’t see how the heaviness ends. But in the words of S.M. Lockridge ‘Sunday’s a coming’! And one day we will see that day come in all it’s fullness when there will be no more tears or fear, and Jesus returns.

There are still shards of glorious sunlight that breakthrough in what I’d call signs of God’s Kingdom, where death and darkness is beaten and love shines through. We celebrate those, pray, work and long for more of those. Jesus lives and His Spirit is with us.

This Easter Sunday join us on Zoom to celebrate all of this! An hour of family-friendly, fun-filled celebration, with time for Communion and Thankfulness. Join on Zoom by clicking here or using Meeting ID: 303 688 808 and email for password.

Below is an animation to S.M. Lockridge’s words – It’s Friday… But Sunday’s a Coming!

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