Winter Lanterns!

As we’ll be standing around our Street Trees singing carols over mulled wine and/or hot chocolate this weekend, why not make some lanterns to help light our way – they’ll be a great way to get the kids involved too!

Step 1:

Here we’re using empty plastic jars that used to contain nuts or peanut butter. Soak off the paper labels with soap and warm water making sure to get the glue off as well.

Step 2:

When dry, decorate your jars. We’ve used paint (acrylic or poster paint will work) or you could try marker pens.

Then cut a strong string that is long enough to tie around the neck of your jar. Then attach another length of string to it to form a handle, knotted securely.

Step 3:

When the decorations are dry, wrap the first string around the neck of the jar and secure with a knot. Trim any long ends.

Step 4:

Place a battery run string of lights inside and replace the lid on the jar. And there you have it! 

The smaller jar has a battery operated tea light and the larger one has battery operated fairy lights. They look good outside in the dark as you walk around singing carols and they help to light your way. And remember, Christmas is about Jesus, the light of the world!

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