Difficult situation

Difficult Situations

In last week’s blog I was quite candid about how hectic life has been over the summer and how unprepared I am to run head first into the rest of the year. I think a part of this has been down to feeling out of sync with what God had put on my heart for 2023. Part of it being down to being a little bit too focused on work and less on the Lord and who He has surrounded me with or why I have been placed in certain areas/organisations/groups.

On Monday I was put in a bit of a difficult situation and had to have a difficult discussion. It made the majority of those involved upset, annoyed and/or frustrated. It left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth if I’m honest, some ‘righteous anger’ even, as Sam calls it.

We’re United Under The Head

But then I woke up yesterday (Tuesdays are my church days for work), we had such a lovely catch up together. As a part of our time sharing encouragements from the last week, Anna shared a bit about a meeting she had on Monday which seemed to be quite difficult and she said there was a need for all those involved to find a shared goal or foundation, in order to move forward. Then she said something that rang true for me especially from the lens of my ‘righteous anger’ from the day before. She said:

“Sometimes you have to take a few blows and get back up but know; ‘ok I’m not going to hold that against you. We’re still going to build together.'”

Anna Pollard, 2023

I think this is so true. Despite the difficult situations and differing opinions, those I was with on Monday all have really good intentions and have a good heart. So rather than sitting in the anger and holding onto wrongdoings, no matter how valid, there is still great work to be done therefore how best can we proceed as a unit?

Anna and Sam also shared from meeting with our area Bishop, Bishop Lynne and how at one point in her career as a priest she wasn’t necessarily made to feel welcome, but felt the congregation would benefit from her staying, so they could learn and so she could make others on the fringes feel welcome.

We, as disciples, have been placed in workplaces/organisations/memberships/friendship groups etc. to remind those around us that we are all brothers and sisters who are here to do His work. Sometimes, it’s not an easy place that we have been put to work, yet there is something that we can impart on those around us, or even learn from ourselves.

So, how should we proceed when difficult situations arise and our human response is anger and frustration?

Be As Persistent As The Widow…

…In prayer. In Luke 18 Jesus tells the parable about prayer; here a widow is persistent about pleading with a ‘godless’ judge for justice and eventually he grants her what she wants, because she’s been so annoying. The lesson? God wants His children to tell Him what they want or need. He wants us to even be annoying about it.

Jesus continued, “Did you hear what the godless judge said—that he would answer her persistent request? Don’t you know that God, the true judge, will grant justice to all his chosen ones who cry out to him night and day? He will pour out his Spirit upon them. He will not delay to answer you and give you what you ask for.”

Luke 18:6-7 (TPT)

Though Jesus says He will not delay in giving us what we want, in terms of time, it may not happen in the timeframe we want or expect. But we are to have faith that He has heard our cries, asks or wants and He will act on them. We are to be as faithful to Him as He has always been to us. So in the face of difficult situations He wants us to stay close to Him, to pray to Him and ask for whatever guidance we need, whatever advice we need, whatever help we need.

So with that in mind, my prayer is for Him to share how best to proceed in this situation He has placed me in; what grace can I have? What can I teach, or even what can I learn?

At the same time, I pray that you, whenever you’re in a similar place, again no matter how valid your feelings, I pray that you’re able to plead with the Lord for Him to reveal how best to deal with the situation. Even if it is that you have to take the blow to get to a better place together.

May we all be as persistent in prayer, as persistent and annoying as the widow was.


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